The New Trend in Product Photography?


A creative way to stand out from the crowd online is to make your images unique. Special if you will. Online clothing stores are spreading like wild-fire. And the only way to show your clothes is through the wonderful medium of photography. American apparel had some controversy surrounding its photography. That’s one way to attract attention. Another way is to step into the realm of movement. And GIFs are a neat way to add that extra flavor to your product photographs.

The Hill-side did just that. A really nice way to attract some attention. Movement always works. Except it does bring up the question if this really fits in the world of photography. It almost enters the realm of film. Or we can see it as an appropriation of the works of Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904).

The Hill-side’s website:

  • Yeshen

    this is interesting, a bridge between photo and video, more achievable for sellers on a limited budget.

    • marceleverts

      So true. An easy, ‘cheap’ and fun way to promote products.