Not only for Santa and Chuck Norris Anymore


Beards. You see them everywhere now. It’s not only for santa and Chuck Norris anymore. The beard can be shaped and trimmed to match your preferred identity. A way of expressing yourself. And of course for men who don’t like to shave. It’s a time saver too.

Photographer Joseph Daniel Robert Oleary shot men with facial hair in the series called of Beards and Men. He shows them wearing their own clothes and with some accessories to give us a sense of who they are. An exploration between facial hair and what it means to be a man in our “contemporary society”. The photographs are wonderfully lit. The vignette really pulls you into the photograph. To the subject. And the colors are rough and dark. Not just the subject breaths masculinity the style of photography does too.

Visit his website to see the complete set (a total of 48 beards).

Joseph D R Oleary’s website: www.jdro.com and www.ofbeardsandmen.com

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