Photographing Such a Waste

One of the things that makes photography great is it opens doors which normally stay closed. Visiting places you normally wouldn’t see. And smell. Yesterday my camera brought me to a waste processing plant. I was asked to take a couple of photographs for a big regional newspaper (De Gelderlander).

A bit out of my comfort zone. Normally I’m pretty much in control. Being more of a studio photographer. But to go out there and just do it, really helped me in adjusting quickly to low light situations, different color temperatures and a non controllable situation. Plus I learned a little something about processing and recycling waste.

Photos taken for De Gelderlander at Attero in Wijster, Drenthe, the Netherlands.

Before the group suited up and visited the actual plant, an insightful presentation about waste, plastic and recycling.

Am I still needed? 😛

Tons of waste, live on tv 😉
Looking at the impressive machineries.

Good thing the smell stays there…

Again? One more time and I quit 😛

_DSC9479I really hope they painted everything this colorful to cheer up the employees a bit. Given they have to work in that special and thick odor.

_DSC9515It really was a maze.




Okay, that’s it…

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New York

New York is Amazing!

We have all seen them, those shirt with “I HEARTH NY” (Photo below) And they are totally right! I love that place.

Took a bicycle and drove around Manhattan and Brooklyn. That must be one of the best ways to see this busy and inspiring city. Of course I didn’t forget my camera. Below a couple of photos I took during, a far too short, visit to New York.

Soon I’ll be posting more photos of my USA trip. So stay tuned 😉

New York I LOVE NY

New York
Having a beer…with an amazing view!

New York
A can of Bud. Lit by the sunset.

New York
A nice embrace with a nice view.

New York
The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan in the back.

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Road Tripping in the USA

And I’m back. Visited the United States of America. Well, not all of it. Started off in New York city. Then went more south and ended in Atlanta. Also visited the cities of country, Nashville, and the city of blues, Memphis.

After days of preparation beforehand, I can now have some fun with all the photographs I took during the trip.

I did already posted some on my Instagram. But I’ll be posting more soon right here on PforPHOTO.


Washington D.C.
Perfect alignment. This trooper looks straight at the Lincoln Memorial. Face to face with history. A lucky shot. Just happened to spot it when I was walking past the fountains.


Washington D.C.
A look the other way. Somewhere in front of the Washington Monument a trooper is looking back at us. To capture the feel of this place I used a long exposure. To emphasize the busyness of this tourist attraction.


Hot Dogs – Coney Island Brooklyn New York


Fun at the Pool in Atlanta
Just an easy-going day. A tiny pool at a cheap hotel. Every place can be a good place to take some fun photos.

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Up close and personal Portraits

This week started off great! Three wonderful photo shoots with three wonderful ladies; Sophie, Leonie and Jacqueline.

After my trip to the United States of America I’ll be continuing on this path. I’ll be more focused on photographing portraits headshot-style. Who doesn’t need a good online presence, right? And a good portrait photo will always help with that!

I shot this with my Nikon D800, tethered to my iMac. And wow, does that make things better. Being able to review the photos instantly with the model is so much more efficient than selecting the best photos on my own. It saves time and even better, we can change things on the spot. Small adjustments to once appearance does so much to make a better photograph. A little squint of the eye (Peter Hurley style), adjusting the shoulders a bit or noticing that rouge hair during the shoot.



DSC_0316k Leonie



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Is Product Photography for Me?

Last week I played around with some bottles I had lying around. I was wondering how I could create a nice picture of these glass objects. Glass is always a difficult when they enter my viewfinder. Or at least a factor of annoyance.  They reveal everything. I had to learn this the hard way. Seeing yourself in a reflection of a window or some designer vase can be fun, a little easter egg, but mostly it’s a pain in the ass. Trying to Photoshop yourself out takes time. Time you can’t always afford.

So as a non-product photographer I wanted to learn how to deal with it head on. By using a glass object as the subject of the photo shoot.  It was really interesting to shoot these bottles (and drink them too ;)). Every tiny detail mattered. From the placement of the strobes, the white boards I used and the cleanliness of the glass (had to Photoshop out a big fat fingerprint, ugh).

I’m pretty happy with the results. Although it was a time-consuming process. But a pretty fun one to do. I learned something new. And maybe I can take it to the next level someday.






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Urban Solitude (Expo)


A while back the work of Job Jonathan Schlingemann was featured on PforPhoto. It was part of his project called “Urban Solitude”. A project in which Schlingemann photographed the financial diacritics of large cities, like Dubai and New York. Fascinated by the contrasting features of the architecture and human nature. A truly wonderful series that remind me of the works of Gregory Crewdson or the paintings by Edward Hopper.

His project “Urban Solitude” will be shown in an exhibition from the 29th till the 31st of May. At the Kunstruimte KUUB – Pieterstraat 3 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Open from 13:00 till 18:00.

(PforPhoto articles: “A Slice of Day” and “The Contrast of Being“)


Below more information in Dutch:

Urban Solitude

Expositie fotografische werken van Job Jonathan Schlingemann
Strakke lijnen en vormen bepalen de straatbeelden van Job Jonathan Schlingemann. Een enkele mens lijkt verloren te gaan tussen de anonieme gebouwen van beton en glas.
De esthetisch beelden geven het vervreemdende effect weer van de mens tegen een achtergrond van financiële districten van grote steden als Dubai of New York. Met een bijna surrealistisch lijnenspel van licht en schaduw vertellen de beelden een verhaal dat tegelijkertijd verlorenheid en onbegrensdheid uitdrukt.
Schlingemann: “De moderne architectuur en abstracte horizon van grote steden zijn zowaar door mensen gecreëerd, maar lijken lijnrecht tegenover elke menselijke emotie te staan. En toch kan deze ogenschijnlijke kille omgeving grote emoties opwekken: of het angst, eenzaamheid, kracht of bewondering is of alles tegelijk, het contrast tussen de massieve gebouwen en de kwetsbaarheid van de mens vind ik iets buitengewoons. Dit bijna poëtische contrast leg ik vast met een serene beeldtaal.”
Het project Urban Solitude is over een periode van 2 jaar vastgelegd in Dubai, de Verenigde Staten en Nederland. 
29 tot en met 31 mei 2015
Kunstruimte KUUB – Pieterstraat 3, Utrecht
Open van 13:00 tot 18:00 uur
NewYork_augustus_2012 Dubai_feb_2013 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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YouTube Preview Image

Watch this beautifully filmed music video by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney. Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. This fantastic photographic duo are well-known in the photography industry. And now they have created this amazing video. It’s like they used a classic hasselblad. That iconic square format. And all in black and white. As if each frame could be a strong portrait image in it self. A perfect blend of photographic mastery, moving images and music.



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