Time Travel by Flóra Borsi


A dream perhaps of many. Traveling through time. Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi used Photoshop to ‘see’ some of the biggest artists, musicians and moments in western history first hand. She created images that shows her in the presence of these famous persons and moments. Capturing Elvis on stage, sneaky taking a shot of Marilyn Monroe in a bathroom or documenting the civil rights movement. Where would you love to be? You can recreate history if you are as photoshop savvy as Borsi is.

I hope her next series will show us the results of this fantastic way of traveling through time. That would really make for an amazing series.

Flóra Borsi’s profile on Behance: www.behance.net/yayuniversal


timetravel-4  FSA/8d27000/8d278008d27869a.tif Marilyn Monroe  ANDY WARHOL 02.jpg cellphone timetravel-3 timetravel-1

Flóra Borsi’s profile on Behance: www.behance.net/yayuniversal