I Fought the Law!

Perhaps every country has at least a couple of them. Weird, strange or just plain stupid laws. Photographer Olivia Locher looked at the USA and found more than a couple of strange laws. The series’ called I Fought the Law. Above: In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at […]

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2D or not 2D

Combining or taking inspiration from different art forms can bring about wonderful pieces of work. Photographer Alexander Khokhlov created portraits of woman with wonderfully painted faces. The faces references to all kinds of different works of art. We recognize the comic style, or for the art lovers pop style, of Roy Lichtenstein; we see a […]

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The Neighbors by Arne Svenson

Controversy is always something that can help promote your work. Because of all the commotion around the photo series The Neighbors it manages to come across my table. And that’s why I’m sharing it with you. So in a way the saying, bad publicity is good publicity worked for photographer Arne Svenson. In his series […]

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Is Media Child’s play?

In the Playroom is a series by Canadian and award-winning photographer Jonathan Hobin. The photographs show us children playing out events that we all recognize. From the tragedy of 9/11, the torture at Guantanamo bay to the devastating tsunami on boxing day 2004. At fist glance we see a scene of children playing. But quickly […]

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