Raw Emotions Captured

Babies are born every day. According to Wiki; a staggering 255 babies every minute. As a photographer babies and small children can help in generating a steady income. Since there’s an endless flow of the little ones. Anne Geddes became famous with her baby photos. She shows us the sweet and cute side of those tiny human beings.

Jill Greenberg on the other hand is showing us a the opposite side. She shows us a side that has nothing to do with cute or with sweet. But a side of us human beings, that we all know too well.  When children are not getting what they want, don’t want to go to bed or travel along on an airplane. Jill Greenberg gave the kids in these photos some candy. And just before she released the shutter she took the candy away. Resulting in a wonderful yet little unsettling portrait series. That side of us we don’t really like to see photographed. That side that we as adults have learned to suppress.

  • http://www.iamontherun.co.uk amrimages

    I’ve seen some of the photographs of this project in a exhibition in Rome a while ago. They made an impression on me.

    • http://pforphoto.wordpress.com Marcel Everts

      Seing them online is already something special. I bet the prints are far more better and really leave a mark.

  • http://tarthead.wordpress.com Glennie Bee

    These are fabulous. Very immediate and affective.
    I’ve got an Anne Geddes book (adorable!) but don’t tell anyone ‘cos I’m supposed to be tough. 😉

    • http://pforphoto.wordpress.com Marcel Everts

      Haha I won’t tell anyone 😉