Photographing Such a Waste

One of the things that makes photography great is it opens doors which normally stay closed. Visiting places you normally wouldn’t see. And smell. Yesterday my camera brought me to a waste processing plant. I was asked to take a couple of photographs for a big regional newspaper (De Gelderlander).

A bit out of my comfort zone. Normally I’m pretty much in control. Being more of a studio photographer. But to go out there and just do it, really helped me in adjusting quickly to low light situations, different color temperatures and a non controllable situation. Plus I learned a little something about processing and recycling waste.

Photos taken for De Gelderlander at Attero in Wijster, Drenthe, the Netherlands.

Before the group suited up and visited the actual plant, an insightful presentation about waste, plastic and recycling.

Am I still needed? 😛

Tons of waste, live on tv 😉
Looking at the impressive machineries.

Good thing the smell stays there…

Again? One more time and I quit 😛

_DSC9479I really hope they painted everything this colorful to cheer up the employees a bit. Given they have to work in that special and thick odor.

_DSC9515It really was a maze.




Okay, that’s it…