Photographing Such a Waste

One of the things that makes photography great is it opens doors which normally stay closed. Visiting places you normally wouldn’t see. And smell. Yesterday my camera brought me to a waste processing plant. I was asked to take a couple of photographs for a big regional newspaper (De Gelderlander).

A bit out of my comfort zone. Normally I’m pretty much in control. Being more of a studio photographer. But to go out there and just do it, really helped me in adjusting quickly to low light situations, different color temperatures and a non controllable situation. Plus I learned a little something about processing and recycling waste.

Photos taken for De Gelderlander at Attero in Wijster, Drenthe, the Netherlands.

Before the group suited up and visited the actual plant, an insightful presentation about waste, plastic and recycling.

Am I still needed? 😛

Tons of waste, live on tv 😉
Looking at the impressive machineries.

Good thing the smell stays there…

Again? One more time and I quit 😛

_DSC9479I really hope they painted everything this colorful to cheer up the employees a bit. Given they have to work in that special and thick odor.

_DSC9515It really was a maze.




Okay, that’s it…

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Road Tripping in the USA

And I’m back. Visited the United States of America. Well, not all of it. Started off in New York city. Then went more south and ended in Atlanta. Also visited the cities of country, Nashville, and the city of blues, Memphis.

After days of preparation beforehand, I can now have some fun with all the photographs I took during the trip.

I did already posted some on my Instagram. But I’ll be posting more soon right here on PforPHOTO.


Washington D.C.
Perfect alignment. This trooper looks straight at the Lincoln Memorial. Face to face with history. A lucky shot. Just happened to spot it when I was walking past the fountains.


Washington D.C.
A look the other way. Somewhere in front of the Washington Monument a trooper is looking back at us. To capture the feel of this place I used a long exposure. To emphasize the busyness of this tourist attraction.


Hot Dogs – Coney Island Brooklyn New York


Fun at the Pool in Atlanta
Just an easy-going day. A tiny pool at a cheap hotel. Every place can be a good place to take some fun photos.

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Virtual Art


And I’m back! Been away from the keyboard for a while. But I’m back with more photography from artists around the globe.

As a fun experiment I started a tumblr page for a photography project. Just started it. On this page I will try to explore the photographic beauty of a very popular virtual world. Namely the Grand Theft Auto 5 universe. In this fast and fun game one can take pictures of this beautifully crafted world. Let’s try to connect the real world with this virtual world by bringing some of my photographs to your screen. Still kinda virtual but still…

Got to the Tumblr page by clicking the following link: GTA 5 Photography

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Absurd Structures by Filip Dujardin


If you still think photography has something to do with depicting reality, you really should look at Filip Dujardin’s project (Dis)location. In this series he explores the concept of absurd structures. We all know that models in magazines are manipulated to become more suiting and perfect. Well Filip manages to become an architect who is not bothered by laws, both building as physics. Perhaps he got bored photographing buildings which seem too normal, being an architectural photographer.

In the series he used photographs of buildings in Deauville, France and Guimaraes, Portugal. These photo manipulations are almost an homage to surrealism. And have a strong link to certain types of architecture. The color and softness in the photographs makes that surreal feeling even stronger. This could well have been buildings designed by Disney’s Pixar.

Filip Dujardin’s website: www.filipdujardin.be

EDIT: The main picture and the first and third ones below the article are not from (dis)location but from his previous series, Fictions. You can find more information on Highlight Gallery’s page http://highlightgallery.com/ex… The exhibition will be on until March 29 at Highlight in San Francisco.

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Today is a memorable day for me: Article number 100!

What started as a passion project, to share my passion of photography, has developed into a blog with many visitors. Just shy of 20.000. And from all around the world. I’d like to thank all you photography enthusiasts for coming to PforPHOTO!

I started this blog to see how it would turn out. And seeing that many others are intereseted in the art of photography I am planning to keep on going. I would also like to use this moment to ask for your input. If anyone has anything that they would like to see on PforPHOTO please let me know! I’m also looking for guest bloggers to create posts for PforPHOTO. So if you have a keen eye for wonderful photography and know how to write about it, please let me know. You can email me or just leave a comment.

Again thank you and I hope to see you again on PforPHOTO! :)

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