Light Emitting Flowers

At fist I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Luminescent flowers? Or perhaps some newly discovered sea creatures that live in the depths of the undiscovered ocean floors. But no, it are photographs taken by David Johnson. He took long exposures of fireworks. These long exposures make them look like enormous light emitting flowers. Visit his website to see more of these wonderful flower-like firework photographs.

David Johnson’s website: www.daveyjphoto.com

  • http://millyandolly.com Olimpia

    how lovely!

  • http://gravatar.com/artquench artquench

    we are ArtQuenchGallery.com and we like your work very much! We invite you to submit your work for representation. We are in search of originality. Please see Artist Submissions on our home page.

    We hope to hear from you.

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    Stacia Gates

    • http://pforphoto.wordpress.com Marcel Everts

      Hello Stacia,
      Thanks for your comment. If you like the work that I’ve covered in this post, you should contact David Johnson. He is the creator of these wonderful photographs. You can find his contact information on his website: http://www.daveyjphoto.com