Isn’t that…?

Nope….it isn’t.

Chris Buck photographed look-a-likes of some of the word’s most famous faces. Some were shot for magazines others independently. Maybe the magazines needed to economize and tried to save on commissioned photographic work by asking for the next best thing.

Chris Buck’s website:

  • gemakatherine

    I’ve never heard of Chris Buck before, but after looking through his site, I’m amazed at his work. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Marcel Everts

      Your welcome! :)

  • Glennie Bee

    Who came first? Chris Buck or Alison Jackson? And why are we so fascinated by look-a-likes and impersonators? I certainly am, tho’ I can’t think of any logical reason why. Is it linked to the ‘uncanny’ idea of the Doppelganger? Mmmm…. will have to think more about this.

    • Marcel Everts

      Not sure who came first. I also like the work of Alison Jackson. I like the paparazzo feel about it. For me the fascination comes from the fact that these ‘celebrities’ are placed in an ordinary day-to-day scene. Which makes them seen ‘normal’. Makes the real celebrities more human I guess. Not really sure what the logical reason is either.