Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde puts clouds indoor. I came across his work and was fascinated by the photos of this surreal images of clouds. A wonderful mix of the ordinary, clouds and a room, put together in a situation that could never exist.

Berndnaut Smilde’s website:

  • Glennie Bee

    Stunningly effective. As you say, a combination of totally prosaic elements makes for something rather fabulous and surreal.

  • carabrownstein

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  • Shaun Darius

    Marcel, when will we see your lovely and fantastic photographs?

    • Marcel Everts

      Hi Shaun! I didn’t start PforPHOTO to promote my own work. Perhaps when I’m doing a special project. For now PforPHOTO is to promote the art in photography :) My own work can be seen at