Immersion (Piss Christ) Andres Serrano

Religious Immersion

Controversy is a word that springs to mind when looking at the photographs of Andres Serrano. The American photographer became notorious through his photos of¬†corpses and his use of faeces and bodily fluids in his work.¬†One of the very controversial photographs was that of a crucifix submerged in a liquid. The liquid was his own urine. This in 1987 created artwork he called “Immersion (Piss Christ)”.

For Serrano this artwork was a statement on the misuse of religion. He defended his photograph as a criticism of the “Billion-dollar-Christ-for-profit industry” and a “condemnation of those who abuse the teachings of Christ for their own ignoble ends”.

On several occasions the photograph was vandalized. A print of the photograph was damaged using a screwdriver or ice-pick on April 17, 2011 while on exhibit in Avignon, France. Before that a print was also vandalized in Australia. And in Sweden, neo-Nazis took it upon themselves to ransack the art work.

If by definition art has to communicate some form of emotion, Serrano sure managed to do so.

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