Dave Lehl

Skateboarding with Fireworks by Dave Lehl

Getting too old for fireworks? Nonsense! Dave Lehl’s photographs proofs that fireworks are more then just a loud bang and some annoying smoke. Photography, so it seems, are a wonderful way to use these celebratory noise makers. Check out the behind the scenes video of a shoot he did using fireworks and smoke bombs.

Dave Lehl’s website: davelehl.com

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Light Emitting Flowers

At fist I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Luminescent flowers? Or perhaps some newly discovered sea creatures that live in the depths of the undiscovered ocean floors. But no, it are photographs taken by David Johnson. He took long exposures of fireworks. These long exposures make them look like enormous light emitting flowers. Visit his website to see more of these wonderful flower-like firework photographs.

David Johnson’s website: www.daveyjphoto.com

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