Funny and Fashionable: Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal


Fashion has always been a way to tell the world who you are, or who you’d like to be. People even dress up their pets. Perhaps to make them look better or to turn their beloved ones into a fashion accessory. I’m not sure but this way of dressing up was one of the inspirations that made photographer Yago Partal create the Zoo Portraits series. This funny series shows us animals in clothes. A simple yet intriguing idea. And somehow the clothes really suits the animal. It immediately gives it a personality. Like how we tell the world what we are supposed to be. For me a striking example is the rhino in the leather jacket. I see him stepping on his Harley, right after the photo was taken, and drive back to his favorite biker bar. Just a funny series that reflects our own fashion sense in a subtle way.

Yago Partal’s website: www.yagopartal.com

The complete series can be found here: www.zooportraits.com. (also to order prints)


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Cue the tune for Jaws


Los Angeles based photographer Michael Muller is a big fan of the outdoors. And being a photographer with a great knowledge of lighting techniques he shot some extraordinary photos. Timeless as he puts it. We’ve all seen photographs or footage of the great white shark. But all shot with available light. Michael Muller went out there to shoot this majestic animal with strobes. And the resulting images are just amazing. Visit his website to see more of the photos Michael took of sharks. And other wild life. Below you’ll also find an inspirational video of Michael Muller talking about his work at the Luminance 2012 conference.

Michael Muller’s website: www.mullerphoto.com

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Portraits of Nature

Portrait photography has been a big hit ever since the invention of photography. The subjects photographed evolved along with the evolution of the camera. From dead people, stationary living people, to spontaneous portraits. Exposure times were just a little longer back then, than we are now accustomed to. Often the eyes of the people photographed in the middle of the 1800s looked weird. Due to the long exposure, people were able to stand still, but blinking and moving your eyes seemed a challenge.

Today we are able to portray anything we like. Some photographers seem to take it on them selves to photograph subjects that are not easily controlled. So long live the short exposure times and the ability to control light. Andrew Zuckerman photographed different animals in his series “Creature”. With his studio approach he photographed elephants, giraffes lions, and many other creatures. And he did this on a white background. Just like Richard Avedon did with people in his series “In the American West” (1985). Zuckerman takes the animal out of its natural habitat to show us just the animal and all its beauty.

Website Andrew Zuckerman: www.andrewzuckerman.com

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