Roger Cremers

Capturing History

The UEFA Euro 2012 tournament is about to kick off. This time it takes place in Poland and Ukraine. Many squads visit different historic places before or during the tournament. One of the major ones: Auschwitz. One of the concentration camps where many people have lost their lives during World War II. And I think it’s a good thing to educate many people about this horrible chapter in our  history through their national squads.

Roger Cremers, Dutch photographer, made a remarkable photo series about the concentration camp and its visitors. The tourists of today. One might look at the photos and see some kind of joke or mass tourism as a contradiction on what has taken place at that very same location so many years ago. But Cremers doesn’t necessarily take a position on the reason for the visitors to be there. He merely shows the visitors and their way of trying to document and remember this place.

Roger Cremers’ website:

  • Olivia Griselda

    The photos have a delicate balance of humor and soberness, which I like.