Road Tripping in the USA

And I’m back. Visited the United States of America. Well, not all of it. Started off in New York city. Then went more south and ended in Atlanta. Also visited the cities of country, Nashville, and the city of blues, Memphis.

After days of preparation beforehand, I can now have some fun with all the photographs I took during the trip.

I did already posted some on my Instagram. But I’ll be posting more soon right here on PforPHOTO.


Washington D.C.
Perfect alignment. This trooper looks straight at the Lincoln Memorial. Face to face with history. A lucky shot. Just happened to spot it when I was walking past the fountains.


Washington D.C.
A look the other way. Somewhere in front of the Washington Monument a trooper is looking back at us. To capture the feel of this place I used a long exposure. To emphasize the busyness of this tourist attraction.


Hot Dogs – Coney Island Brooklyn New York


Fun at the Pool in Atlanta
Just an easy-going day. A tiny pool at a cheap hotel. Every place can be a good place to take some fun photos.

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doug rickard

Google Road Trip

The United States of America has and will always be a place that will inspire dreams and capture the imagination of many. The greatness of the land, the nature, the mixture of cultures and way of living, it all makes the USA a great place to travel around in. A country made for an epic road trip.

Unfortunately not everybody will be able to travel around in this vast part of the world. But fortunately Google Maps makes it possible to wander around in neighborhoods and trough the states of the Americas from the comfort of your own home. Doug Rickard undertook a trip that lasted around two years. He looked for places with vivid colors and certain compositions. Many have compared it with the works of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. Some of the photos even remind me of paintings by Edward Hopper. Rickard’s series’ called “A New American Picture”. He lets us see a glimpse of americana by using a service meant for many things. And like all artist he makes us look differently at what is in front of us. On the screen and on the streets. So next time you find yourself traveling on your computer, think about Doug Rickard’s wonderful photo series.

Doug Rickard’s website: www.dougrickard.com

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Schermafbeelding 2012-07-30 om 15.41.39

People of the West

One of the great photographers of the 20th century, and it’s a shame he hasn’t been mentioned on PforPHOTO before, is Richard Avedon. He was famous for both his fashion as his portrait photography. His photos were published in different magazines. E.g. Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Life. But before I get lost in all of his work for magazines, I like to focus on his portraiture work. And especially his series In the American West.

In the American West came about during 1979 till 1984. He portrayed the working people of the west. Such as miners and oil field workers. But also unemployed drifters and the teenagers who grew up in the West. He photographed each individual on a plain white background. By using a large format camera the details of the photographs are just amazing. You really get to see the people of the American West, up close and personal. This series really shows the power of photography. With only a white background and a camera Avedon shows us a simple yet effective way of portrait photography.

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