A Strange but Wonderful World by Rodney Smith


“He can wear an ascot without appearing pretentious. He proclaims himself to be a closet optimist. He believes Modernism took a wrong turn at a wrong time. He thinks Freud saved his life. He graduated Yale. He lives in a wooded enclave in Snedens Landing, just close enough to Manhattan to meet an editor for lunch at a moments notice, but far enough away to mollify his distain for city living. He loves books. Paper. And printed matter. He wrestles with Big Ideas and references Wittgenstein and Plato as if he saw them just yesterday. He’s tweedy. Proud. Not loud. He’s a perfectionist. Workaholic.”

This is a short bio of photographer Rodney Smith. You can read the rest on his website. But more importantly you can see his wonderful work there as well. His photography is like that of another world or dimension. Strange but beautiful settings. Men wearing suits and hats, women wearing dresses. Each photographs with its own story, or so it seems. Visit his website and create yours.

Rodney Smith’s website: and his blog:

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