Travel through Paper

Travel all the way from the Sun to Pluto. Mishka Henner gives us this opportunity in his work “Astronomical“. Twelve books. Each book has 506 pages that illustrates the vastness of our solar system. This scale model brings us one million kilometers per page. This means that most pages are black. As black as space. Page one shows the Sun. Page 6000 shows Pluto. And in-between the blackness of space and of course the other planets.

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Large format view

Dutch photographer Frank van der Salm documents the control of landscape, the lack of space, the infrastructural issues and the characteristics of the pressure on time and space in contemporary urban metropolises around the world. As he puts it on his website.

The large format photographs gives us a different look into the architectural urban worlds many people find themselves in now a days. The lack of people, the repetition of forms and shapes really brings about an abstract sense of the cityscapes from around the world. We seem to live our lives in a copy of a copy of a copy. Research estimates that in the year 2050, 70% of mankind will be living in cities. The works of Frank van der Salm show the efficiency in the usage of that seemingly limited space we all want to be in.

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