Beautiful Portraits of…Trees? by Myoung Ho Lee


South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee has created some very unusual photographs focussing on trees. Myoung Ho Lee photographed trees like it were a studio portrait. The idea is quite simple; get a white background behind the subject and take the picture. But doing this with trees is something totally different. He separates the tree from its natural habitat by using the large white background. It makes you look different at trees and their surroundings. He lifts them out of their comfort zone in a way and let tree speak for its self. Without the help of the rest of nature.

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Brendan Fitzpatrick

Flower Power

Karl Blossfeldt photographed flowers and plants early in the 1900s. Documenting them as study subjects for his textbooks and later photo books. The study of things is a thankful and very important subject in photography and art. How better to describe something then by showing it in full detail. And thus creating a typology like the famous works  of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Brendan Fitzpatrick has taken the works of Blossfeldt to a whole new level. He photographs the same study subject Blossfeldt did, only he did it with an x-ray camera. Showing things Blossfeldt could only dream about. The beauty of nature captured in electromagnetic radiation.

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06 Big Lagoon

Nature at its best

The wonders of nature have alway been a thankful subject for artists. Dutch photographer Misha de Ridder, a man who lives in the city of Amsterdam, tries to relate to the wilderness, to the greatness of nature and in the end to the nature of his own existence and inevitable death. He does this beautifully with his photography. He is looking for those untouched places. True nature. Nature at its best. For example an extraordinary shaped tree, the shape of a mountain or the different atmospheres and lights that nature brings about at different moments in time. And by the use of a large format technical field camera, a 4×5 Linhof Technica, he is able to really capture those places that lack the intervention of men. The details, the colors, the softness, all are wonderful and does make you look and think twice about us humans, about how you as an individual relate to that overwhelming beauty and perhaps just to take you away in that ever inspiring subject that is nature.

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Encounters of the tribal kind

Twitter, Facebook, tablets and smartphones. Just a couple of our twenty-first centuries’ perks that make our lives a bit more easy and fun.  These manmade inventions are examples that we as westerners are moving away from nature. Step by step.

But some of our fellow worldly residents stay closer to nature. They understand mother earth as no other. Small tribes in the jungles of Africa and South America still stay true to their heritage. Joey Lawrence traveled to these tribes and captured them beautifully. By using our modern techniques (medium format camera and strobes) we get a look into their distant world. As distant as our world is to them.

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