Road Tripping in the USA

And I’m back. Visited the United States of America. Well, not all of it. Started off in New York city. Then went more south and ended in Atlanta. Also visited the cities of country, Nashville, and the city of blues, Memphis.

After days of preparation beforehand, I can now have some fun with all the photographs I took during the trip.

I did already posted some on my Instagram. But I’ll be posting more soon right here on PforPHOTO.


Washington D.C.
Perfect alignment. This trooper looks straight at the Lincoln Memorial. Face to face with history. A lucky shot. Just happened to spot it when I was walking past the fountains.


Washington D.C.
A look the other way. Somewhere in front of the Washington Monument a trooper is looking back at us. To capture the feel of this place I used a long exposure. To emphasize the busyness of this tourist attraction.


Hot Dogs – Coney Island Brooklyn New York


Fun at the Pool in Atlanta
Just an easy-going day. A tiny pool at a cheap hotel. Every place can be a good place to take some fun photos.

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Nachtflüge Series - Planes in the night sky

Capturing the Highways in the Skies by Kevin Cooley

Nachtflüge Series - Planes in the night sky

The series Nachtfluge by landscape photographer Kevin Cooley, reminded me of the opening song to a cartoon I watched a lot in my younger years. I’m talking about Transformers. In the opening song of that show they sung “..Robots in disguise..”. At the time I thought, being a Dutch kid who knew only a couple of English words, they were singing: “…Robots in the skies“. It made sense to me, they did flew around a lot. Luckily my English did get a little better.

Perhaps the robots weren’t all in the skies. But in this series Nachtfluge we do see the pathways in the skies. Not created by gigantic robots who for some reason need to blend in on earth by transforming into a car or fighter jet. But the trails of aircrafts. Showing us the highways they travel on. The long exposure photographs were all taken at major airports across the United States of America. Some of the photographs in this series reminds me a little bit of the wonderful House Hunting series by Todd Hido. The colors are amazing and the angles and landscapes Kevin Cooley picks give a good sense of the neighboring places of these Highways.

Kevin Cooley’s website: www.kevincooley.net

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Schermafbeelding 2013-02-18 om 15.39.19

Capturing Time Pinhole-style by Matthew Allred

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-18 om 15.39.19

The origin of it all. Pinhole cameras are the most simple cameras you can find. Or make. Just a tiny hole and a dark box with a film inside. Or like the old painters did, just trace the image that appears with paint and whalla you have a realistic image of reality.

Depending on the process used the exposure time can differ from just a couple of seconds up to months. Yes, months. Matthew Allred is a photographer who uses a pinhole to capture amazing landscapes. By using the process called Heliography he sets out to create wonderful photographs. The exposures he uses are long. Long enough to track the path of the sun. In one photograph he tracks time like no modern camera can.

Matthew Allred’s website: www.matthewallred.com

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