Up close and personal Portraits

This week started off great! Three wonderful photo shoots with three wonderful ladies; Sophie, Leonie and Jacqueline.

After my trip to the United States of America I’ll be continuing on this path. I’ll be more focused on photographing portraits headshot-style. Who doesn’t need a good online presence, right? And a good portrait photo will always help with that!

I shot this with my Nikon D800, tethered to my iMac. And wow, does that make things better. Being able to review the photos instantly with the model is so much more efficient than selecting the best photos on my own. It saves time and even better, we can change things on the spot. Small adjustments to once appearance does so much to make a better photograph. A little squint of the eye (Peter Hurley style), adjusting the shoulders a bit or noticing that rouge hair during the shoot.



DSC_0316k Leonie



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