Is Product Photography for Me?

Last week I played around with some bottles I had lying around. I was wondering how I could create a nice picture of these glass objects. Glass is always a difficult when they enter my viewfinder. Or at least a factor of annoyance.  They reveal everything. I had to learn this the hard way. Seeing yourself in a reflection of a window or some designer vase can be fun, a little easter egg, but mostly it’s a pain in the ass. Trying to Photoshop yourself out takes time. Time you can’t always afford.

So as a non-product photographer I wanted to learn how to deal with it head on. By using a glass object as the subject of the photo shoot.  It was really interesting to shoot these bottles (and drink them too ;)). Every tiny detail mattered. From the placement of the strobes, the white boards I used and the cleanliness of the glass (had to Photoshop out a big fat fingerprint, ugh).

I’m pretty happy with the results. Although it was a time-consuming process. But a pretty fun one to do. I learned something new. And maybe I can take it to the next level someday.






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This Will Happen! Google Glass Photography

YouTube Preview Image

Google Glass will do something for everyone. People will love it or hate it, at first. Like we first did with the mobile phone. When those became widely available, early adopters went with it. Others said they didn’t need one. Look around you now. I see this happen too with Google Glass. It will certainly become more easy to take photos. But will this be a good thing for photographers? Watch the clip and see for yourself!

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