Touching Street Encounters


The key to good street photography is a very keen eye for those special moments that happen all the time around us. Henri Cartier-Bresson had it, Robert Doisneau had it and more recently Matt Stuart has it. The work of these photographers make us smile and giggle at touching moments in the ordinary streets of Europe. And now we can add China to this list. Self thought photographer Tao Liu Has took up the camera while working as a water meter reader.

His work as a water meter reader, as wonderful as it  is to say, the job really was dull and boring. He made use of his daily strolls trough the streets of Hefei in the Anhui Province. And in-between the reading of water meters he photographed the streets. In a fun and joyful manner. He really has a keen eye for those brief moments, that when we realize what we have witnessed it has already gone. Luckily there is Tao Lui Has. Check out his profile on Flickr to find more wonders of the streets of Hefei.

Tao Lui Has’ Flickr account:

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Tao Lui Has’ Flickr account:

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This Will Happen! Google Glass Photography

YouTube Preview Image

Google Glass will do something for everyone. People will love it or hate it, at first. Like we first did with the mobile phone. When those became widely available, early adopters went with it. Others said they didn’t need one. Look around you now. I see this happen too with Google Glass. It will certainly become more easy to take photos. But will this be a good thing for photographers? Watch the clip and see for yourself!

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Impossible Photography

Creating something impossible is what many artists like to do. When it comes to painting or drawing a piece of art, it seems that the artist is free to create anything. In photography this seems harder to do, mainly because of the photorealism that is a big part of our understanding of photography. But with a little manipulation and with some wonderful ideas one can be as free a painter. Erik Johansson is someone who really goes the extra mile when it comes to creating an impossible photograph. And with the photorealism still intact , he manages to create weird, funny and amazingly creative photographs. Watch his TED talk and be amazed by his work.

Erik Johansson’s website:

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Top Photography Tips

Many websites about photography take it upon themselves to teach the amateur. Giving handy and useful tips to improve their photography skills. PforPHOTO is a blog about the art of photography. We like to inspire and share the works of great and upcoming photographers. So you can be inspired and create something wonderful yourself.

But because PforPHOTO is a blog. And because giving tips on photography is as expected on a blog as a photography student is to take the “See, Hear and Speak no Evil-photograph”, or the “Last supper-group photo” we like to present you 77 photography tips by Ivars Gravlejs. Tips that are as useful as they are funny for any photographer out there. So before you go out with your camera this weekend, click on the link below and get ready to be inspired!

The 77 tips by Ivars Graveljs

Ivars Gravlejs’ website:

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