Schermafbeelding 2013-02-15 om 12.19.42

Food & Drinks…and String by Kyle Dreier

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-15 om 12.19.42

Do you ever wonder what type of drink suits best with the meal you’re about to eat? Well food photographer Kyle Dreier made this easy for you with his series Food & Drinks…and String. Or as some have called it the “Food bondage series”. In this personal project Kyle explorers the stereotypical food pairings. And he does so in a very delicious way. I wonder how long Kyle will go on with this project. Since there are countless possibilities to combine, enjoy and photograph.

Kyle Dreier’s website:

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Landscape photography is a wonderful way of sharing natures wonders with everyone. But this type of photography is not for everyone. Often the places which are the most beautiful are secluded or are best photographed in the wee little hours in which most of us are still fast a sleep.

But some people don’t let nature decide when a landscape is ready to be photographed. Ernie Button for example. He created wonderful landscapes using cereal. In his project called Cerealism he uses the common breakfast cereal to create scenes based on their shape and texture. A wonderful and creative way to play with food. It reminded me of the works of Carl Warner. Take a look and get inspired. Perhaps your next meal will be much more interesting.

Ernie Button’s website:

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Edible Portrait

Chef and co-owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Rene Redzei has been photographed for magazines before. But never like the creative team of Mexican magazine Golpe Avisa did. They used the menu of Noma and created a portrait made entirely by the food and drinks they offer to their customers. Resulting in a wonderful, edible and creative portrait. It captures the chef, the restaurant and his speciality all in a single frame. Watch the movie below and see the team working out this photograph.

Golpe Avisa’s blogpost:

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