Letting Go

Letting Go by Femke van Veen

Letting Go

Dutch artist and photographer Femke van Veen‘s new series is pretty colorful. Her series shows toys. Toys she used to play with. But with aging comes letting go. And that is the title of this series. Letting Go is partly an homage to her younger years and an attempt to let go of her past. Let her past be represented by memories. So for the last time she played with the toys and created this wonderful series. The way she painted the toys in the exact colors of the background is like a representation of her letting go. Let the physical all blend away in the back, fade into the past.

In order to let go, I had to face my fears. I had to learn that memories will always remain in your head. Even when your belongings are of living their own lives. This is their chance to shine for the last time, before they will be kept safe in my head.


Femke van Veen’s website: www.femkevanveen.com

Letting Go

Letting GoLetting Go Letting Go Letting Go

Femke van Veen’s website: www.femkevanveen.com


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Femke’s World


Femke van Veen’s project 365 was featured earlier on PforPHOTO. Last month her 365 blog has reached over 10.000 visitors. On behalf of PforPHOTO I would like to congratulate Femke on this milestone! The project is still ongoing since the 365 days haven’t been reached. So many more wonderful photographs to come.  Please check it out if you can find the time. Femke really has a creative mind and knows how to transfer her ideas and experiences into wonderful photographs. Below both the link to her portfolio website and her blog.

365 blog: femkevanveen.blogspot.nl

Femke’s website: www.femkevanveen.com

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