Brendan Fitzpatrick

Flower Power

Karl Blossfeldt photographed flowers and plants early in the 1900s. Documenting them as study subjects for his textbooks and later photo books. The study of things is a thankful and very important subject in photography and art. How better to describe something then by showing it in full detail. And thus creating a typology like the famous works  of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Brendan Fitzpatrick has taken the works of Blossfeldt to a whole new level. He photographs the same study subject Blossfeldt did, only he did it with an x-ray camera. Showing things Blossfeldt could only dream about. The beauty of nature captured in electromagnetic radiation.

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Martin Schoeller

Look them straight in the eyes. Close Up: Portraits by Martin Schoeller. He portrays the people we all know from the wonderful world of entertainment and politics. Or is that the same thing? This project gives you a chance to study the faces of the famous ones in great detail. Both the quality and quantity brings an interesting dimension to portrait photography. It is a wonderful appropriation of the works of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

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