Is Product Photography for Me?

Last week I played around with some bottles I had lying around. I was wondering how I could create a nice picture of these glass objects. Glass is always a difficult when they enter my viewfinder. Or at least a factor of annoyance.  They reveal everything. I had to learn this the hard way. Seeing yourself in a reflection of a window or some designer vase can be fun, a little easter egg, but mostly it’s a pain in the ass. Trying to Photoshop yourself out takes time. Time you can’t always afford.

So as a non-product photographer I wanted to learn how to deal with it head on. By using a glass object as the subject of the photo shoot.  It was really interesting to shoot these bottles (and drink them too ;)). Every tiny detail mattered. From the placement of the strobes, the white boards I used and the cleanliness of the glass (had to Photoshop out a big fat fingerprint, ugh).

I’m pretty happy with the results. Although it was a time-consuming process. But a pretty fun one to do. I learned something new. And maybe I can take it to the next level someday.






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Schermafbeelding 2013-02-15 om 12.19.42

Food & Drinks…and String by Kyle Dreier

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-15 om 12.19.42

Do you ever wonder what type of drink suits best with the meal you’re about to eat? Well food photographer Kyle Dreier made this easy for you with his series Food & Drinks…and String. Or as some have called it the “Food bondage series”. In this personal project Kyle explorers the stereotypical food pairings. And he does so in a very delicious way. I wonder how long Kyle will go on with this project. Since there are countless possibilities to combine, enjoy and photograph.

Kyle Dreier’s website:

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