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Femke van Veen’s project 365 was featured earlier on PforPHOTO. Last month her 365 blog has reached over 10.000 visitors. On behalf of PforPHOTO I would like to congratulate Femke on this milestone! The project is still ongoing since the 365 days haven’t been reached. So many more wonderful photographs to come.  Please check it out if you can find the time. Femke really has a creative mind and knows how to transfer her ideas and experiences into wonderful photographs. Below both the link to her portfolio website and her blog.

365 blog: femkevanveen.blogspot.nl

Femke’s website: www.femkevanveen.com

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New York Times Magazine

Foam and The New York Times Magazine

If you find yourself in Amsterdam you should really try to bring a visit to Foam. The museum that is all about photography. Go there to look at some new talents, works of the greatest photographers around or a collection of photography presented by The New York Times Magazine.

If you’re interested in the way a major magazine goes about the choices of selecting and commissioning photography, then a visit to Foam now will be a true treat. From the 23rd of April to the 30th of May Foam presents “The New York Times Magazine Photographs”. Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation of this exposition.

Foam Amsterdam – The New York Times Magazine
The New York Times Magazine
Foam Amsterdam

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Femke van Veen

365 days of Femke

Young and talented photographer Femke van Veen has just started a new project. A photo series that will cover 365 days. She is 5 weeks into her project now. On her blog she will share the photos with us. A 365 photos kind of project has been done by others before, of course, but knowing the kind of photographer she is, it might be a very interesting blog to follow. Beautiful photographs guaranteed.

Click here for her Blog

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