True Craftsmanship

Photography is everywhere. Because of cameras getting smaller and smaller every day, the art-form is available to everybody. We see a flood of image making across the web. And with Facebook and Twitter, sharing was never so easy.

But photography started as a true craftsmanship. To make an image, one had to understand chemical processes, the adjustments of a camera and the way light influenced everything. You had to understand many thing before you were able to produce one photograph, and in the beginning of photography often a unique photograph. The first photographers weren’t really photographers. You could see them as scientists or technicians.

There is something quite poetic and beautiful about producing a unique photograph. Ian Ruhter is a modern photographer who missed the feeling of being in a darkroom. He decided to go trough great lengths to be a true craftsman. If you can spare some minutes please watch his movie below or read the interview on CoolHunting.

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You and I

We are all individuals. We all seem unique in our own special way. Yet we all share our uniqueness with other individuals. Whether it is our behavior or the way we are expressing ourselves.

Danish photographer Peter Funch shows us our uniqueness in his series Babel Tales. By shooting commonalities over a period of time and editing them into a single frame. Funch gives us a surreal look into our day-to-day lives. And with it the similarities we share with other individuals. Showing us we aren’t that different after all.

But we are different. At least in a way. Dutch photographer Ari Versluis and dutch profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek are focussing on the social groups we dress ourselves into. With their series Exactitudes (a contraction of exact and attitude) they give an overview on how different people dress in a simular way. And by doing so, you become part of a certain social group.

The way you behave or express might not be a conscious decision. But the mentioned artists do show us a typical human trade. We are all social beings. And social means to collectively co-exist with like-minded ones. And if by doing so you have to dress a similar way, well why not.

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